Engage with Nature-Based Solutions


Natural systems work. Natural systems — such as wetlands, estuaries, forests, and prairie — provide immense benefits to people and nature. They clean water, absorb floods, cool the climate, and remove carbon from the atmosphere. There is a pressing need to mitigate the stresses that human activity places on these natural systems. Urban development and climate change threaten biodiversity, fragment previously healthy ecosystems, increase droughts and flooding, and affect the security of our food and clean water.

Nature-based solutions support the health of natural systems, while addressing societal challenges. The design of these solutions are based on our planet’s natural systems, working with, and for, nature. They increase climate-resilient natural capital (such as wetlands and forests) and provide ecosystem services (such as water filtration). Communities can use nature-based solutions to support the resiliency of our climate, environment, and human society.

Engage with Nature-Based Solutions is a new initiative to support communities who apply nature-based solutions to their local lands and waters. We acknowledge and take inspiration from Indigenous peoples, whose cultures and traditions support healthy ecosystems and the interconnection and importance of all living things.

We collaborate with communities, collect and curate resources, produce education modules, facilitate storytelling, and provide technical equipment (for monitoring and testing in the field). All of our work supports access, engagement, and education, and illustrates the impact and benefits of nature-based solutions.

ENBS is a collaboration between the University of Victoria and many local community organizations, and is funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada. The grant PI is Dr. Kris Dubrawski. The Program Lead is Dr. Maleea Acker