Engage with Nature-Based Solutions

Artists & Interpreters

Art can inspire, educate, encourage self-reflection, and build community cohesion. Artists are key interpreters of our world, helping to contextualize and clarify emotion (such as climate grief), interpret and illuminate science (such as mycorrhizal networks and sea level rise), and encourage action and engagement (through personal or community story). Artists are key participants in the conversation about nature-based solutions and climate.

Each year, we invite a selection of Canadian artists, whose work straddles the science/art divide, to contribute research creation projects. Each artist is asked to create a piece that engages with nature-based solutions, and to present the work to their community.

Living and Learning with Climate Change Exhibit, February 27 – March 17, 2024

ENBS will exhibit six commissioned artists in the University of Victoria’s Living and Learning with Climate Change exhibition from February 26 – March 17, 2024. This student-led learning series about local climate change action will feature artworks by students and local artists on the main floor of the McPherson Library, UVic. 

Exhibited artists include:

The artist commissions address nature-based solutions through digital visualization, poetry, drawings, sculpture, and photographs. 


Erin Robinsong & Merlin Sheldrake: Return Address

A poet and a mushroom biologist collaborate on a public workshop and poetry chapbook.
#various landscapes
#ecosystem connectivity

Kirstie McCallum: Cloudwell

A sculpture that provokes reflections on the slowness of hydrological cycles, and a workshop on island ecosystems and waterways.
#various landscapes
#water filtration

Emrys Damon Miller: Creek Documents

Facilitating citizens in observation, drawings and photographs of a meandering urban creek, from headwaters to the sea.
#forest #parkland #stream #urban
#biodiversity conservation #stream restoration

Rande Cook: Gathering

A Kwakwaka'wakw multimedia artist hosted a gathering in Alert Bay. More information coming soon.
#various landscapes
#ecosystem connectivity #Indigenous knowledge

Colton Hash: Urban Watersheds

An exhibition of interactive, digital artworks that visualize landscape relationships within cities. Visitors experiment and explore how urbanization shapes ecological change.
#urban #watershed
#mapping & visualization