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Ariel Gordon: Forest Bathing & Eco-Anxiety

Ariel Gordon is a Winnipeg-based writer and community organizer.

Gordon is creating a tree-focused writing workshop and non-fiction piece that addresses urban canopy cover, city trees, urban forests, and climate change impacts in urban areas. 

Gordon asks: Why are trees so good for cities; why are cities so bad for trees? 

As part of her project she will draft a series of writing prompt invitations that work with/address/invoke eco-anxiety, and attempt to mitigate this through forest-bathing techniques and tangible climate change solutions at the municipal level.

This work will culminate in a creative non-fiction/poetry piece that addresses urban tree loss due to climate change. The piece will focus on the Lemay Forest, a privately-owned woodlot in Winnipeg that is under threat of development. 




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