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Andrea Fritz: Kwetlal Ecosystems

Andrea Fritz is a Coast Salish artist and author from the Lyackson First Nation of the Hul’qumi’num speaking Peoples on the West Coast of Canada. She will be working to install sculptures addressing the endangered Garry Oak meadow ecosystems, and to facilitate an art workshop for children on illustrating landscapes of resilience and importance. 

Fritz is creating a series of live edge wood slab art pieces depicting various part of the Kwetlal ecosystem. The pieces will be installed in or near the ecosystem in Victoria, BC. The artwork will depict the intricate relationships between elements of the ecosystems. 

Fritz will also give a talk at the Fairfield Community Centre in August, and the public will then be engaged in creating an artwork for temporary display at the FGCA. A short lesson plan will also be available for teachers to use with school-aged children, to help them learn about the ecosystem and create artworks themselves. 

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